Here it is… the final episode of SHAKE!

It’s been a blast and I’ve enjoyed every minute. The people putting these shows together are true music lovers with an incredible range of knowledge.

And I’ve told each of them that if they want to put a show up, I will. I’ll even spin them prior to NATST. It’s just that this compilation has lived a long and glorious life and now it’s time to rest… I hope you enjoy this final episode, or better yet, play each one individually and see how truly amazing they are…

Thanks to;

Ozzy Babiak – What Would Ozzy Play?

Karl Beavers – Karl Beavers’ Listen! Hear!!

Rob Males     – The British Beat

Steven Wilson – Flavor of the Month

Pat Barr – Strange Tales

Mike Babineau – Babineau’s Beat Box

Nicol Maurer – Nicol Time

Kevin Poore – Nights Music

What a time we had!