SHAKE! “The Music Show that Don’t Stop Movin'”


Air Date: 11/14/2018
Time: 4:38pm to 7:00pm PT
Producer/Engineer: The Usual Suspects
Segment Producers: Ozzy B, Rob M, Karl B, Steven W

SHAKE! The Music Show that Never Stops Movin’!:

Scheduled Segments:

  • WWOP
  • Karl Beavers Listen! Hear!
  • Flavor of the Month Show
  • British Beat

British Beat
(It’s Immaterial-Driving Away From Home)
(Prefab Sprout-Faron Young)
(The Adult Net-Take Me)
(The House Of Love-Shine On)
(The Spear Of Destiny-Never Take Me Alive)

(The The – I’ve Been Waiting For Tomorrow)
(The Christians – Forgotten Town)
(Hothouse Flowers – Movies)
(The Colourfield – Pushing Up The Daisies)
(Sunscreem – White Skies)

(Elastica – Waking Up)
(Suede – The Beautiful Ones)
(Manic Street Preachers – Found That Soul)
(Music For Aborigines – Sitting On A Biscuit In The Rain)
(The Stone Roses – Begging You)

(Eddie’s Gospel Groove)
(Glimpses of Serenity)

(Happiness is a warm Gun – Los Beatles)
(Can Blue Men Sing the Whites – Bonzo Dog Band)
(White Punks On Dope – Tubes)
(Black and White Sunshine – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Big White Cloud – John Cale)
(Little White Cottage – Jay Bennett/Edward Burch)
(White Light White Heat – Lou Reed)
(Helter Skelter – Los Beatles)

(JJ Grey & Mofro – “A Night to Remember”)
(M6rvin G6ye – “Letʼs Get it On”)
(G. Love & Speci6l S6uce – “Muse”)

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