Another amazing journey through the funkified land known as Karl Beavers’ music collection! Your MIND IS NOW HIS TO PLAY WITH! This month it is Karl’s show number 51! That may not sound as milestoney as 50 but let me assure you… it’s even better! IT”S SHOW 52!

This show is almost as fine as Morena Baccarin. I know that seems impossible, well it is, but it’s close!

I thought I should warn you in advance J A M, because you see, your mind is gonna be blown… it’s important for me to tell you your mind is gonna be blown while your mind continues to be blown by the mind blowing blower of mind blowing slowness. You best beware…  or Karl will funk you up!

Doesn’t it feel soooooo good?

Listen!! Hear!!!

<mind blown>