Holy Good Graciousness People of Earth!
Here’s another Flavor of the Month that will seize your brain and make it feel better by injecting it with music while you read this run on sentence that seems as if it will never end, on and on it goes forever and ever like a song from Tales from Topographic Oceans or maybe even the version of Dazed and Confused from that live LZ album that was just a touch too much! (you won’t hear that hear, that’s for sure… but then again????)

It’s fantabulous!

This month… White Albumy Stuff
Happiness is a warm Gun – Los Beatles
Can Blue Men Sing the Whites – Bonzo Dog Band
White Punks On Dope – Tubes
Black and White Sunshine – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Big White Cloud – John Cale
Little White Cottage – Jay Bennett/Edward Burch
White Light White Heat – Lou Reed
Helter Skelter – Los Beatles