The Daily Soundtrack – 02/07/18
Wile E. Nunes, Super Genius esq

There’s this dude, you see. He’s from Cali-fornio (R-Districturd). He is so brilliant that he’s gaslighting the entire country! That’s right! He’s covered our collective ‘murican thoughts in a mind-control fart web so powerful that we believe he actually isn’t one of the dumbest poop piles extant. You laugh, but 3/4s of dumb Donny (aka Orange Drumpfster Fire) supporters think this guy is ON TO SOMETHING with all of whatever it is he mumble barfs at reporters and/or has other people scribble scrawl for him.

They believe him!

They believe him because he is hoping to stay out of prison a true believer in their lord, Orange Drumpfster Fire. Today he is quoting the Washington Post slogan. To reporters. Who are attempting to shine a light into the black pit of human existence that he calls his soul. If it’s not irony then it’s at a minimum ‘Alanis Morrisette’ ironic.

His name is Wile E. Nunes.
His name is Wile E. Nunes.
HIS NAME is Wile E. Nunes.
HIS NAME IS Wile E. Nunes.
HIS NAME IS WILE E. NUNES. (chanted to the tune of Robert Paulson)

He deserves to be mocked, while in prison.

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