The Daily Soundtrack – 02/05/18 <br> Clash, Splash & Crash <br>

Today’s news has been grim, grim, grim.
The stock market has went swirling clockwise into the place where Drumpfy’s live, Natalie Wood is still dead and people are starting to think it might be even MORE suspicious, and Mulvaney (a bobbin’ Drumpf dropping of a man) has said “F*ck You consumers, come at me broseph!” That’s a bit disturbing because he is supposed to be protecting the consumer.

1) Spanky and Our Gang – Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

Remember last week when dumb Donny was telling us he had personally shit gold doubloons into our hands and now we could take those faux-coins and save them up for a year and buy a cup of coffee? Well today our country’s owners said, “fuck your dreams of a tall St*rb*cks!” It’s medical experiments for the lot of you!
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

2) Jack Rabbit Slim – Natalie Wood

Mr. Hart to Hart drank bathtub whisky for an hour before using semaphore to contact the telegram office to wire Captain Jack Sparrow to put up the LAPD sky signal to have them come and see if they could tell him who kept shouting “HELP ME, HELP ME, IT’S SO COLD, так холодно” so close to the dock. Allegedly.
Natalie Wood

3) Wham – Credit Card Baby

I know this is beating a dead ATM but everything about the current government is corrupt and they’ve intentionally placed people into positions so that we’ll all be fucked silly and sideways. No need to complain, revolt or resist… it’s too late. It’s all gone. Wave good bye to everything. Smoke a bowl!
Credit Card Baby

See that wasn’t too bad!
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