The Daily Soundtrack – 02/03/18 – Newsy News News in Orange

Phlegm! (That may be my only chance to write my favorite word)

This is the first TDS in quite a while. Seems that Mr. Charles “Bingo” Sugarfoot just hasn’t been able to pull his act together for more than 66 seconds at a time. (It’s hard to do TDS in 66 seconds.) I’m hoping that he’ll contribute periodically but for now, it’s Bad Kevin. (Or this version of me, whatever.) I thought we should get started with some Newsy News News (in orange)

1) Bobo Stinson – Golden Rain
It appears that Donald Adolph Drumpf (aka dumb Donny) is extremely, extremely, extremely worried that something is going to be exposed soon… I know most people think it’s because he & his campaign knowingly committed treason by working with a foreign country to swing an election their way, but I think it’s deeper than that. I think Drumpf is worried that he’ll soon be starring in a straight to internet movie called “Rooskie Pee Pee for a Prez,” complete with splashing, and goggles. I hear the sequel, “Stormy Rains!” is destined to be a classic.


2) Argent – Liar
I know a lot is made of the fact that Orange the Hut lies more than just about anyone on the face of the planet and… um, ah… he does. He just does. He says whatever pops into his shrunken walnut brain and then tells you that it’s true. Every lie is a double lie. You’ve got to admit he gets the ‘bang for his buck’ when it comes to lies. Not only does he double down on every one of them, but he splits 10s and doubles down on those. Oh, and he’s a really shitty liar since most of them can be fact checked while he’s still finishing his sentence.


3) Todd Rundgren & Donald Fagen – Tin Foil Hat
I am really looking forward to the day when we can have political disagreements and yell at each other over things that are actual and real… you know, like aluminum tubes and stuff… oh wait… that’s confusing. Anywho, the ‘pizza gate’ kind of Alex “el gran bolso de tuerca” Jones conspiracies are muddying the fetid pool of our hatred we have for each other. And that WILL NOT STAND! How can anyone take this kind of stuff seriously? Really? There are people with guns who just want to shoot someone I guess. I want my loathing based on facts, you know, like how you don’t mind that Cinnamon Hitler is going bareback on a porny lady (he wanted a ‘Manage a Tiny Hands” but porny lady two had some level of decency) while Dame Orange is at home with the bundle of drumpf that’s sleeping soundly in one of the rooms (she can’t remember which but it might be the kitchen). So come on Repubs, step up your game and come back to good old reasonable hatred.

There’s the first of the new batch. More coming soon!