It’s the BRITISH BEAT with ROB MALES! And once again, it’s time for amazing music with a lemon twist, shaken, not stirred!

You Need to Listen!!!

You will LOVE this show! It is tasty pie! Now in the new handy 1 hour format, so start dancing now and let it catch up.

Tonight it is :Technical Difficulties and NoShowVember!

(It’s Immaterial-Driving Away From Home)
(Prefab Sprout-Faron Young)
(The Adult Net-Take Me)
(The House Of Love-Shine On)
(The Spear Of Destiny-Never Take Me Alive)

(The The – I’ve Been Waiting For Tomorrow)
(The Christians – Forgotten Town)
(Hothouse Flowers – Movies)
(The Colourfield – Pushing Up The Daisies)
(Sunscreem – White Skies)

(Elastica – Waking Up)
(Suede – The Beautiful Ones)
(Manic Street Preachers – Found That Soul)
(Music For Aborigines – Sitting On A Biscuit In The Rain)
(The Stone Roses – Begging You)